A+ Grade 1 Vol 2




A+ Grade 0-1 volume 1 consist of 12 programs (6 Afrikaans and 6 English) with interactive illustrations and sound tracks.


A+ Grade 1 Volume 2 is a bilingual (Afrikaans and English) program, which contains hundreds of exciting exercises in 6 key skills development sections. These proven skills are essential to equip your child with the fundamental knowledge that is necessary for the primary educational phase. The skills developed include addition, subtraction, reading, spelling, hand writing, logical reasoning, memory recall, concentration, creativity and basic computer skills.

All the activities are presented in fun and engaging game play. The games are made to be understood by kids and is designed to be played without adult assistance. The result is that you not only develop the child’s intellect and fundamental skills, but also a sense of self-confidence.

House of Thinking – Creative

In this interesting game, the learner must rearrange the scrambled puzzle blocks by dragging and dropping the blocks in place. The image on the puzzle is an animated insect that moves in a repeating pattern. To solve this puzzle, the learner must figure out which blocks are adjacent by observing where the insect goes out of one block and into another block. In the easy level there are 9 blocks with a ladybug, in the medium level there are 12 blocks with an ant and in the hard level, there are 16 blocks and a butterfly.

House of Language – Spelling

In this game, 5 words appear while it is being read. An exercise appears afterwards where the learner must complete the words by clicking on the missing letters. The goal of this exercise is to teach the learner basic spelling and reading skills through observation and practice.

House of Language – Reading

The reading exercise consist of 5 sentences that are read to the learner. Thereafter, the exercise starts where certain words are left out. The learner should complete the sentences by clicking on the missing word blocks and then select the correct word from a list of possibilities. In the easy level, 1 word is left out and from the medium level, 2 words are left out

House of Creativity

This colouring book have pictures that consist of individual parts that need to be coloured in by using the build-in brushes and paint that is provided. To complete the full picture, the picture must be printed out, then the parts need to be cut out and then be glued together.

House of Memory

In this game the learner must memorise the characters that will be displayed on the screen for a short period of time. Afterwards the learner must assign the correct head to the character's body by clicking on the character and selecting the head from a list of options. The level of difficulty is determined by the number of characters.

House of Handwriting

The goal of this exercise is to teach the learner the correct way to write the alphabet and numbers. In the easy and medium levels, the learner selects the letters to practice and in the hard level, the learner are given short words to write.

House of Math - Grouping

In this exercise, the grouping of items in equal quantities are illustrated in a practical way through the use of fruit. The learner is given an instruction to place an equal number of fruit in the dishes provided. This exercise forms the foundation for multiplication and division in future grades.

House of Math – Subtraction

Subtraction skills are drilled and practiced in the practical illustration of fruit in a fruit dish. The learner must listen carefully to the given instruction in order to know how many fruit to place in the second dish. The level of difficulty is determined by the time limit and size of values used. The result will appear after completion of round 5.

House of Math – Addition

Addition skills are drilled and practiced in the practical illustration of fruit in baskets that need to be added together. The learner must listen carefully to the given instruction in order to know which fruit to add together. In the easy and medium levels, it is required to add the total of 2 baskets and in the hard level there are 3 baskets

Progress Report

With a build-in Progress graph, result analysis and exercise-log, parents and teachers can monitor the child's improvement over time.

Results saved on data file for up to 1,000 students. All results can also be printed.


The graphical interface is designed around a Fantasy Island Adventure theme where there is a small gnome village. Each house in the village represents a different skill or activity.

The navigation is made extremely easy for kids to use. By moving the pointer to the left or right, one can control the scenery and also find the activity house to enter into


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