If your school have a computer lab, 123 Smart is just what is needed to develop the fundamental learning skills of kids between 3 and 13 years.

All content is designed to be in an informal game-like format that creates an indirect and fun learning environment.

123 Smart is the most comprehensive educational software product in South Africa and caters for pre-scholars up to learners in grade 7. . The learning environment is fun to use and educationally sound.


Please read the review on our unique software by:

Dr. WC Griffith, a well known Educational Psychologist and remedial therapist for more than 25 years...


Dr. A Klopper, Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood Education and Development at the NWU Faculty of Education Science.


Main Features of 123 Smart that you need to know…  
200+ learning skills development areas from pre-school – Grade 7
Thousands of exercises in a game-like environment
Huge database of content with randomized questions
Self-assessment and immediate results
Positive feedback and instructional sound tracks
Adaptable learning system increase/decrease the difficulty level
Fun to learn with vibrant graphics and creative exercises
Fun to learn with vibrant graphics and creative exercises
All games, and all activities are in English. The Afrikaans version is also available
One installation and one registration unlocks all programs
Consolidated menu and uncluttered desktop
Designed to be kids-friendly and logical
Database can support up to 1000 learners per program

The programs are developed for both standalone computers / laptops or computers that are connected on a local area network. The only requirement is that the computers have at least Windows XP or any newer version of Windows as operating system.

The pricing of an installation at a computer centre depends on the number of computers that the program is to be installed on or accessed from.

The pricing works as follows:
1st Computer / Server R1500.00
Licensing on Additional computers and/or workstations

Each school is very important to us and we would like to prepare an affordable quotation to suit your needs. Please Contact Us or send a mail to info@123smart.co.za providing your amount of workstations that you would like to equip with our software.
We will reply with a quotation promptly...

Special 12 Month Payment plan also included in all our quotations!

Contact us today if you are interested in this amazing offering.

 For more information and a preview of what you can expect, click on the link below…
A+ Toddler Volume 1 A+ Toddler Volume 2
A+ Grd 0 en 1 Volume 1 A+ Grd 1 Volume 2
A+ Grd 2-3 Volume 1 A+ Grd 2
A+ Grd 3 Volume 2 A+ Grd 4-5 Volume 1
A+ Grd 4 Volume 2 A+ Grd 5 Volume 2
A+ Grd 6-7 Volume 1    
A+ Reading Volume 1 A+ Spelling Volume 1
Time for Tables    




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