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Learning times tables has never been so much fun with Time for Tables' original multiplication games and exercises. Help your kids to master their tables in a fun, non-violent and interactive atmosphere.

The interactive 3-D menu interfaces were designed with kids in mind. It is extremely kids-friendly, easy to use and logical. The use of colourful, vibrant graphics and animations enhance the learning experience while kids are having fun using the program.

Times Tables is the building block for many other areas of mathematics and, without a solid understanding of this in the early school years, a child may struggle with math right throughout his or her education.


5 Fun and addictive Games (Math Balloons, Goldrush, Numix, X-puzzles and Cheese-Times)
Learn Tables Area - Interactive Chart
Interactive Worksheets (Speed and accuracy tested, The learner can select the table(s) to
include in the exercise, millions of combinations)
Track Progress with Charts/Reports
Printable Flash Cards (designed with 12 famous mathematicians on 1x - 12x flash card set)
Accuracy/Speed Tests (monitor reaction time over time to see speed improvement)
Adjustable Difficulty Level


 For more information and a preview of what you can expect, click on the link below…
A+ Toddler Volume 1 A+ Toddler Volume 2
A+ Grd 0 en 1 Volume 1 A+ Grd 1 Volume 2
A+ Grd 2-3 Volume 1 A+ Grd 2
A+ Grd 3 Volume 2 A+ Grd 4-5 Volume 1
A+ Grd 4 Volume 2 A+ Grd 5 Volume 2
A+ Grd 6-7 Volume 1    
A+ Reading Volume 1 A+ Spelling Volume 1
Time for Tables    

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